Many people ask me why I make art in boots, the reason behind that is, that for Samantha they are much more than just boots.

I will tell you a little about how this goes… When I was little my grandfather always left me fascinated with his great stories of what He had lived, being a German veteran of the war there were really many fascinating stories one more than the previous one. But they all had a special similarity, He always told me that no matter how difficult or easy the objective was. He always had his boots on.

This little phrase full of wisdom remained engraved in me, being just a girl I felt that the moment I wore my boots all the courage and determination that the stories related were mine!

Boots are not just boots, through them I stand in front of new challenges, in front of each wall, they are the ones who remind me that each challenge must be faced with courage, respect and determination, my boots are the most important tool I carry to each new project, they are my source of inspiration.

That’s why I always say find your passion with your boots on!

Samantha Senf